Love your dress – it’s not too late!

Celebrate the beauty of your wedding dress.

At a recent wedding, one of the guests came up to me in tears. She was very complimentary about my unobtrusive style – her tears were for the photos of her own wedding several years previously. She hadn’t taken as much care as she should have done in selecting her photographer, and the bolshy male she employed left such a negative impression that she couldn’t even bring herself to look at the proofs, let alone order any prints. All they reminded her was of him. It’s always distressing for me to hear such stories – unfortunately all too common. However, I do have a solution. The Trash Your Dress trend is sweeping in from the States. Not as drastic as it sounds, it is an opportunity to have the fashion style photos of you in your dress that you didn’t manage to get on the day. My style is more of a ‘Love your Dress’ experience. It’s never too late. This time, just enjoy wearing your dress – either with, or without your husband.

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