"They are absolutely beautiful, I am thrilled…"

Another beautiful Queensberry Album delivered to its home, together with two digital copies for parents.
The digital copies – 7″ x 5″ – are faithful replicas of the Feature Album, covered in the same ‘Baby Blue’ Leather. Each one even features the flip pages which I designed to tell the story of the ceremony on one spread. Delivered in their own soft bags they are the perfect gift for parents.

There is nothing to beat Queensberry’s quality. Expensive? Yes. But you get what you pay for. I guess I could offer my clients cheaper covers, mass market binding systems and standard size images and layouts. But I don’t give my clients average quality work so why put it in an average quality album?

Close ups of the Baby Blue Leather cover – really soft and feely – embossed with my clients’ names and wedding date; the Feature Album pages to show the page mounting of the photos (ivory mat on grey page); the first page, which has all the key details of the wedding day; the edges of the album pages, beautifully finished to last a lifetime of handling.

And also in my camera bag…..

It was INCREDIBLY hot on Saturday, and in south London – Dulwich to be precise – the heat was on and over 32 degrees by the time the suited and booted men of the bridal party had begun to gather at the church. The Best Man was mopping his brow almost as much as the nervous Bridegroom!

The humidity inside the chapel was very high and the beautiful orders of service were put to good use as fans by the guests.

It was not surprising to find that my camera bag was raided for a number of crucial items as the day wore on: water for the bride and groom after the ceremony, pain-killers (for dehydration headaches), sun tan cream, and last but not least plasters to cushion hot and swollen bruised feet!

The wedding was wonderful – an eclectic mix of Japanese, Scottish and English with guests from around the world converging on Dulwich College for the celebrations. The heat of the day turned into a balmy evening with a cool breeze and guests taking a break from dancing spilled out into the floodlit College grounds.

A photo of me!

The problem with being the photographer is that there are never any pictures of oneself. I know I should get one of my photographer colleagues to take one – I just haven’t got round to it yet……

Just occasionally, very occasionally, when we’re out I allow someone to take a photo of me. I have three looks – ‘bag lady’ which is the walking the dogs look, ‘working’ look which is smart – suit or jacket and trousers, and glamorous.

This is me with elder daughter at her Leavers Ball at Wellington College on Friday. You decide.

Fun in the evening sun!

Wow – we’ve really had a wonderful few weeks of sunshine. It’s made shooting during the day a bit challenging, but the early mornings and evenings are fabulous.

Just at the end of our pre-wedding shoot, we saw this old tree, just picked out in the setting sun. The light lasted for about 5 minutes like this – just enough for Kitty and James to make their way through the undergrowth and get in position.

The sun has been so bright that even shooting as late as 8.30pm in and amongst trees hasn’t been a problem!