Wonderful dinnner at Varramista, Tuscany

Dressed for the part, although it can be quite tricky being a working photographer in full evening dress!

The anti-pasta was wild boar parcels

Another special weekend in

The pudding was a semi-fredo – delicious – and I’m not usually a pudding sort of person

Italy photographed mostly for private viewing. Here are some photos of the black tie dinner on the Saturday night. There’s nothing quite like the way that the Italians lay up tables for formal meals.

Last shoot of the season at Villa Saletta, in Tuscany

One of my favourite trees at Villa Saletta, behind Peg 1 on the first drive with high flying birds

Wishing I was back in Bequia!

Crab at 30m at rear of wreck

Huge Crab at 30m.

Sea Fan

Shipwreck - Bequia






























Spotted Moray Eel






















The unpredictable weather has played havoc with my outdoor shooting schedule this week so I have spent a bit of time editing some of my underwater photos from the trip to Bequia six weeks ago. The camera and system were new for the trip, so it took me a while to get the hang of it and the viz could have been better, but overall I’m pleased with the results. More on my FB page.

Another gorgeous Queensberry Album leaves the studio…

I’m always so busy September through to the new year, and never seem to have time to blog, although my FB page does get updated with the odd thing or two…anyway, here’s some photos of a fantastic Queensberry album that the client wasn’t expecting until January, but which left the studio on Christmas Eve and was delivered by my octogenarian parents on their way to my sister’s! That’s customer service for you!

A new take on business headshots!

Although it’s a small part of what I do I am happy to help out my networking contacts with head shots for their FB, Linked In and Blog pages. Recently I took some photos of Leo, owner of the aptly named ROAR accounting www.roaraccounting.co.uk She isn’t your ordinary sort of accountant and after doing a few standard shots – business like, professional, friendly, sort of person I’d like to do business with etc I suggested a different take….. she loved them, and they exist as a series to show her real personality.

Another hand-made Queensberry Album finds its home

Just delivered a beautiful hand-made Queensberry to James and Kitty.
The flexibility and bespoke nature of this stunning product means that invitations, orders of service (see left) and menus, can all be incorporated into the design.
The Order of Service sits next to a photo of the church and the menu next to mouthwatering photographs of the food.
The invitation is placed next to a photo of the gorgeous venue which I went to early that morning so I could photograph it in the best light.
The quality of the album is amazing – a real heirloom. The cover is in smooth Burgandy leather with a photo motif.

Perfect day – perfect memories

“What greater thing is there for two human souls than to feel that they are joined… to strengthen each other… to be one with each other in silent unspeakable memories.”

George Eliot
English novelist (1819 – 1880)

Dear Kate,

We both wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for our beautiful wedding album and parent albums. They have definitely been the icing on the cake following our very special and awesome day. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face looking through the album as it brought back so many wonderful and happy memories. We were truly blown away by all the finishing touches…the case for our album, the calendar, the little book from you. Both of us said we were over the moon that we picked you as you really delivered well beyond our expectations. Thank you Kate, for everything!
All the best, Wendy and Wayne