Wishing I was back in Bequia!

Crab at 30m at rear of wreck

Huge Crab at 30m.

Sea Fan

Shipwreck - Bequia






























Spotted Moray Eel






















The unpredictable weather has played havoc with my outdoor shooting schedule this week so I have spent a bit of time editing some of my underwater photos from the trip to Bequia six weeks ago. The camera and system were new for the trip, so it took me a while to get the hang of it and the viz could have been better, but overall I’m pleased with the results. More on my FB page.

A walk in the Park

September is a wonderful time for ‘environmental portraiture’. Great light and, with all the recent rain we still have saturated colours. Autumn is on its way, but a recent shoot in Richmond Park was very leafy and green on a perfect late summer’s day.

Gorgeous girls!

Two beautiful Angolan sisters and their parents were the subjects of a recent shoot in London. I’ve photographed the elder sister before, and was delighted to meet the new arrival! Three sets of stunning clothes and two photogenic girls resulted in some lovely informal and formal pictures for the album.

A photo of me!

The problem with being the photographer is that there are never any pictures of oneself. I know I should get one of my photographer colleagues to take one – I just haven’t got round to it yet……

Just occasionally, very occasionally, when we’re out I allow someone to take a photo of me. I have three looks – ‘bag lady’ which is the walking the dogs look, ‘working’ look which is smart – suit or jacket and trousers, and glamorous.

This is me with elder daughter at her Leavers Ball at Wellington College on Friday. You decide.

Fun in the evening sun!

Wow – we’ve really had a wonderful few weeks of sunshine. It’s made shooting during the day a bit challenging, but the early mornings and evenings are fabulous.

Just at the end of our pre-wedding shoot, we saw this old tree, just picked out in the setting sun. The light lasted for about 5 minutes like this – just enough for Kitty and James to make their way through the undergrowth and get in position.

The sun has been so bright that even shooting as late as 8.30pm in and amongst trees hasn’t been a problem!

Antigone – shooting theatrical productions

I can’t believe we’re nearly at the end of March. I’ve been very busy in this ‘quiet’ time of the year, not just shooting portraits but also indulging – pro bono – in one of my passions, photographing theatrical productions.
I hadn’t seen the production before, and – just like a wedding – all the shots were taken without setting anything up, just as the rehearsal happened.
In the old days of film, ISO 800 was about as high as you could go and get anything usable. You had to use a tripod and so the angles you could shoot a production from were severely limited if you didn’t want to miss anything. The new digital cameras have changed all that. Some of the shots were taken at ISO’s well over 1600 as the stage lighting wasn’t available at the start of the rehearsal; I also had help from the image stabiliser on my EF zoom lens.

Capturing Perfect Moments

Some potential wedding clients ask me about the cameras and lenses I use (it’s often a boy thing); some ask me how many photos I will take. I usually can’t answer either question very accurately – because my equipment is just a means to an end and I take as many images as I see for as long as I am shooting. For some clients these seem to be very important questions, but I can’t answer them very well because that’s not what I’m selling.

I’m selling a split second, a moment, caught in time forever. A discreet glance that is the look of love. The image that sticks in the mind after you’ve seen it. This is priceless. It’s not just a record of the day, it’s the emotion, living in the images long after the champagne has been drunk and the guests have departed. You cannot add it back in afterwards. It isn’t a Photoshop ‘plug in’.

The most important thing I do is to capture the emotion in the special moments of the lives of the people that populate my work and make them live forever. It’s a privilege. As the year draws to a close, I’d like to thank all my clients, both past, present and future for entrusting me with the task of capturing their perfect moments for eternity.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Getting your wedding featured in a Bridal title

Many Brides like the idea of their wedding appearing in one of the wedding magazines. It’s just as well that magazines have no shortage of Bride’s volunteering their photos – Real Life weddings are one of the most popular sections in any wedding magazine.
I’ve had quite a few clients featured over the years, the latest in the most recent issue of You & Your Wedding. Whilst there’s no guarantee of your wedding being featured, here are a few pointers which might help you decide whether yours is likely to be in the running:
1. An unusual or particularly stylish wedding venue. There’s a trend for weddings to take place overseas at the moment, and somewhere particularly beautiful has a head start.
2. A strong theme – colour or style – that flows through the wedding.
3. A good story – for example, how you met or the choice of dress.
4. Interesting and unconventional details – flowers, mode of transport, ice vodka luge, favours, cake – that can feature in the article.
5. Designer names – a dress by a top designer, flowers by a leading florist all add cachet to the feature.
6. Fabulous photos! – the details and some of the action. You may have some lovely portraits but these are almost never featured. The magazine editor is looking for pictures that tell the story of the day to accompany the words, so you’ll need to supply a complete range.
However, don’t be too disappointed if your special day doesn’t make it into print. Editors are looking for inspiration for their readers, and they also need a variety of weddings in each issue. If yours is the third 1940’s themed wedding they see that month then, however beautiful, it probably won’t make it.