Trash the Dress Photography




Not so much destruction as liberation! A trend that started in  the USA is catching on here. It involves wearing your wedding  dress once again and taking part in a high fashion-style  photography shoot in unusual, non-wedding type places.

Big difference though: this time you don't have to worry about  getting it dirty! A TTD shoot makes a fun day out, and we all  know that whatever we said as justification for buying it, the  truth is you are very unlikely to wear it again. So, although it's rare for a dress to get damaged during the shoot, you can  relax, throw away caution and celebrate its beauty.

KHP clients get any photo session free of charge, but if you're  not a previous client then you can book your TTD weekday  shoot for just £95, or an all-inclusive shoot plus photo-book  or canvas for £500. Go on - book your TTD shoot and liberate your dress!